Sun-For-Facebook-Profile-PicSafe, clean, renewable, and perpetual energy in unlimited quantities. Solar really is the answer for a significant majority of our earth’s energy needs.

And in El Paso? Our nickname is “The Sun City” because we have a LOT of sunshine. Sunshine that can power your home, your business, even your car.

Will solar work for you? Can you save money? Can you save the earth?

I would love to figure that out for you – but I despise hard sales pitches and believe homeowners want answers instead of arm-twisting. That’s why this site was created; to allow you to simply upload a minimum of information (I don’t even require a phone number!) and receive a complete analysis showing you the the pros and cons of solar on your roof. If solar will work well for you we can talk or get together at your convenience. If solar isn’t a good fit for you then I’ll let you know that too.

All I need is your address and your your electrical usage data. It will take you just a few minutes to answer between six and nine online questions and it will take me just a day or two to send your analysis back to you. Click here to see how well solar will work for you.