A year’s worth of electrical usage data

An accurate solar analysis requires knowing how many kWh (kilowatt hours) your home or business uses each month. It’s a little complex, but follow these steps exactly and you can submit the information in perfect form.

Here’s a video and under the video you will find written instructions.

How to get your electricity usage?  Go to the El Paso Electric Company’s website and log in, creating an account first if needed. NOTE: EPEC’s website does NOT work properly in the Chrome browser, you will need to us Firefox or Explorer.

Once you are logged in, click Bill History on the left hand side of the screen and you will see this:


Use your mouse to highlight all of the text starting with “Bill ID” in the green area all the way through the last digit at the bottom of the kWh column – in this case the “0” in 920.  Now it will look like this:


Now hover your mouse over the word “Current” and right-click – from the resultant pop-up menu normal-click (left button) Copy.